Medisana App World

How does it work?


Our VitaDock + App allows you to store and
analyze your vital data such as blood pressure, weight and activity.


In addition, you can synchronize the saved data with
the VitaDock + App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and a wide range of Android devices;
to have them always at hand and anywhere.


It is possible to easily and quickly resend or
print the statistics and tables for the doctor or caregiver.

VitaDock Online

Management of Health parameters
with Vitadock Online on your PC or Mac


  • Centralized storage of all vital data with no memory limit
  • The data is accessible anywhere through a device connected to the Internet and protected by personal password
  • Resend and print data easily and quickly

VitaDock + App

Always at hand, anywhere, anytime,
on SmartPhone or Tablet!


  • VitaDock + allows you to access your saved data anytime, anywhere, and view them in detailed graphics
  • Very easy to use, simple and intuitive
  • Detailed presentation of the values ​​over time

Acquire a Medisana Connect product. For example, the ViFit Connect activity monitor

Transfer your vital data from the App VitaDock + to VitaDock Online and take advantage of the numerous options to view your data in the online portal. VitaDock Online from Medisana allows you to save, access, analyze and export your health parameters, such as blood pressure, weight, temperature, blood oxygen saturation and activity. In addition, you can synchronize the data stored in the online portal with the VitaDock App on most iOS and Android devices.